A Growing List of Endorsements

The book has been blessed with outstanding endorsements from prominent researchers and authors in the field of energy medicine. Here is a sampling:

"This is the book many of us have been waiting for–a bridge between the compelling science of energy and our own personal experiences of energies. The book is powerful and practical. I enthusiastically recommend it. Be prepared for an exciting and rewarding inner journey."
– James Oschman, PhD, World authority on energy medicine, Author of Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis

"Endless Energy offers an informative and skillfully woven presentation on how the mind, emotions, and energy fields shape our physical life. Included are valuable step-by-step strategies to manage our energy bodies and regain sovereignty over our health and happiness."
– Bruce Lipton, PhD, Best-selling author of The Biology of Belief

"Debra Greene’s understanding of subtle energies in theory and practice is extensive. Building from a foundation of science and ancient wisdom, this book is an important contribution to energy healing, providing a unique approach to mastering the energies in your life."
– Beverly Rubik, PhD, Leading authority on the biofield

"Endless Energy makes the complexities of the multi-layered human energy system understandable, without losing any of the rich depths of understanding that Debra Greene and others have garnished in the last few decades. Besides an excellent theoretical overview, she gives you simple exercises that put you into immediate contact with your own energy field. Vivid case histories, concrete examples, and a wealth of clinical experience combine to give the reader an inspiring yet eminently practical guide. Highly recommended."
– Dawson Church, PhD, Best-selling author of The Genie in Your Genes

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