Counseling & Situation-Specific Guidance

Are you stressed out? Has a situation come up that you’re unsure of how to handle? Are you in
need of a trained counselor and some expert guidance?

Relationship conflict. Issues at work. A misunderstanding with a friend or family member. There is no shortage of opportunities for things to go off track. Navigating your way through certain challenging situations can be confusing and overwhelming. It’s easy to get stressed and lose sleep trying to figure out what to say or do and how to make things better.

But you’ve decided therapy is not a good fit for this situation. There’s no need to go back to the past, dig up old issues, or explore childhood wounding. You want solutions to this situation. And you want them now.

If you’re looking for the best possible way to handle a sticky situation (with conscious concern for all involved), I can help you — usually in just one session. The best news is, in most cases, we can stay with the process until the issue is resolved to your liking. None of this, “Time’s up, see you next week” that is so common in most counseling and coaching. With my background in communication and energy psychology I can help you resolve the issue — honoring yourself and the other person — right down to the optimal words to say.

I have been working with clients facilitating communication, clarity, conflict resolution and empowerment for over 25 years. A treasure trove of information and resources, I am knowledgeable about conscious communication, stress reduction, emotional release techniques and alternative healing modalities. I am an experienced life transformation coach, deep listener and intuitive guide.

How it works: Sessions are by phone or video. Evening and weekend appointments are available as well as regular business hours. Click here to schedule. Once I receive your session request I will respond by email within 48 hours. Payment is by credit card or PayPal at the end of the session. My rate for Counseling and Conscious Coaching is $100/hour. I start by asking brief questions to get a clear “snapshot” you, then I listen deeply as you describe your situation. Clarifying questions are asked as needed. We stay with the process until you are satisfied with what to do, what to say (when and how to say it) and what not to do. I look forward to working with you!

About Debra Greene, PhD
I work with people who are on a path of conscious improvement but have encountered an obstacle they can’t seem to overcome. I help you break free quickly and easily, usually in just one session, so you can move forward with confidence and ease. My PhD is from Ohio State University where I studied communication and somatics (mind-body integration). I combine the best of ancient wisdom with modern science in my private practice, writings, lectures, and nationwide media appearances. Founder of Inner Clarity (IC), and author of the acclaimed book, Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health. l live on Maui island in Hawaii and offer sessions worldwide. Click here to read more about me. Click here to schedule.  I look forward to working with you!