Is Your Ego Twisted?

Cathy (not her real name) came to see me to work on an issue of low self-esteem. She felt everything was her fault, no matter what. Her self-talk was characterized by put downs and if those around her were unhappy she was convinced it was because of some failing on her part. Cathy was well aware of her low self-image and her need to please others. What she wasn’t aware of was her egotism.

We tend to think of egotism in the inflated sense (see how great and wonderful I am!). But the ego can also take a deflated form (see how bad and wrong I am) and it is ego just the same. Whether I am thinking I am great or awful, it’s still all about me. If I am stuck in thinking I make people unhappy, I have done something wrong and it’s all my fault, I am constantly drawing attention to myself. I’m actually saying that I have power over others: I have the power to make others unhappy and I have the power to cause these bad things to happen. This is convoluted egotism.

Seeing the hidden side of an issue can help shift it significantly. Lending energetic support to these kinds of “ah-ha� shifts can help make the change permanent.

If you’d like to discover and change hidden aspects of yourself, come to my Spring Cleaning for the Soul workshop on April 17 in Hawaii (Maui, Kihei).

I use an energy-based “issue detector� method to go behind-the-scenes and uncover hidden blockages and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. Once these are brought into the light of consciousness I use my energy-based toolkit to find the “just right� techniques to raise the frequency and support lasting change.

Right after the workshop I’m offering training in these techniques starting April 18.

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