Keep Cell Phones Turned Off in the Car, Subway or Airplane

Cell phones should be kept off in enclosed metal spaces like cars, trucks, subway systems, airplanes, or trains. That’s because cell phones operate on carrier signals in the microwave frequency range and metal enclosures trap the signals inside (think microwave oven).

According to hub services for pharmaceutical companies, additional health risk is the increased electromagnetic radiation (EMR) produced when you use a cell phone while moving at high speeds. Cell phones are dependent on signals from relay towers. Like passing a baton in a relay race, the speed factor causes the phone to ramp up in power, producing more radiation as it repeatedly searches for new relay towers to sustain its signal.

When using your phone in the car you may have noticed that it loses battery power much faster, plus the phone gets hot because it’s working very hard. Now you know why.

Protect your health: Practice Safe Cell!

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