Debra Greene Experienced Presenter

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Debra Greene is a compelling and accessible presenter whose passion and enthusiasm is contagious. An experienced speaker, she is adept at engaging audiences large and small with an inspirational message delivered with clarity and authenticity.


45-60 minute keynotes
3-7 hour workshops

Speaking Topics:

Debra speaks on a variety of topics related to energy medicine, stress management, mind-body integration, health and wellness, and energy therapies.

Topics Include:

* Meditation Made Easy
* Stress-free Communication
* How to Be Smart in the Heart
* How to Stay Up When Your Numbers Are Down
* Energy Medicine and the Multidimensional Human
* Want More Energy?: Energy Health and Hygiene
* Discover Hidden Energy Thieves and How to Avoid Them
* Why Do I Do That? Revealing and Healing Unconscious Motives
* Belief Becomes Biology: Your Thoughts Are Things
* Frequencies and Information: Beyond Energy Healing

What people are saying about Debra:

Debra is an excellent presenter. She is clear and well-organized in conveying dynamic an exciting material.

Transformational! Debra is very approachable and gives practical application of theory. She bridges the technical to the practical and connects it to the universal.

What comes across most in Debra’s presentation is her beautiful spirit. She has enormous integrity and is obviously caring. Anyone can give information and teach techniques. What Debra conveys is commitment and sincerity.

Debra is articulate, passionate and inspiring.

I love everything about Debra as a presenter. She is clear, concise, articulate, thoughtful, helpful, caring, and patient. She knows her material and explains it well. Besides all that, she is open, real, and available.

This was an exceptional experience. The personal growth I experienced was by far the most accelerated. In my many years of searching, Debra Greene is an inspiration and am amazing facilitator.

Excellent–on an intellectual, personal and leadership level. Debra is a great communicator providing a first-rate learning and transformational experience. I will recommend her to all friends.

Recent Appearances:

Four Seasons Resort, Maui – Wellness Series Presenter (ongoing)
Naropa University – Workshop Presenter
Energy Kinesiology (EnKA) Conference – Keynote
Touch for Health Conference – Keynote
International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) Conference – Multiple Presentations
Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) Conference – Multiple Presentations
American Institute of Stress (AIS) Conference
Esalen Institute
National Holistic Institute
Maui Academy of Healing Arts
Body, Mind, Spirit Expos
Health Institutes, bookstores, yoga studios, massage studios nationwide

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