Prosperity Workshop

Empowered to Prosper
Clear Blocks to Prosperity on All Levels

Sunday, June 8, 2014, 1-5 p.m.
$50 advance registration. Space is limited.
US Kinesiology Training Institute, Chapel Hill, NC

We will use the Inner Clarity (IC) process to transform inner obstacles.

Innovative approach… Integrative process… Incredible results!

IC is like Feng Shui for the mind! The human being is an energy being with many layers forming our personalities and spirits. These energy layers are subject to disturbances created by stored emotions, limiting thought patterns or outdated belief systems.

In an IC process the facilitator uses light-touch kinesiology (muscle-testing) to go behind-the-scenes and uncover hidden limiting beliefs. Then a variety of energy-based techniques are used to re-set old programming and transform automatic reactions for a new and improved you!