Subconscious Self Integration

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* Are you ready to take your process of self-awareness
to a deeper level?

* Does discovering more of your “shadow side” sound inviting,
even exciting?

* Would you like to sustain complete inner alignment to
manifest your goals?

* Could you benefit from more integration and less self-sabotage?

* Are you ready to jump-start your spiritual growth?

* Do you want to experience life more fully and completely?

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Welcome to Subconscious Self Integration (SSI)! The fact is none of us are fully integrated. Usually when an aspect of your life is not going the way you want it to, some subconscious aspect is at play, an aspect that is out of your control.

Allow me to assist you in efficiently, gracefully and safely facing what you may not want to face. Attain skills to help you move beyond self-imposed limitations. Develop skills to accomplish soul-advancement. Choose to go within and really know yourself.

You are responsible for your own liberation. Empower yourself through the SSI process.

What is SSI?

The SSI process is a series of facilitated journeys to discover, communicate, and directly work with the subconscious aspects of your mind. It is a process of meeting and befriending these aspects, called Selves, whose influences you have likely noticed at various times in your life. Through this facilitated process you develop a rapport with each of these Selves, of which there are six, and this rapport allows you to understand, expand and enrich the influences of the Selves–and you!

The SSI work is a facilitated educational process in which you learn a set of life skills that equip you with simple, self-empowering tools that you can use and benefit from for the rest of your life.

Benefits of this work include:

  • Internal coherence
  • Greater fulfillment
  • Expanded creativity
  • Alignment of purpose
  • Inner support and wisdom
  • Synthesis of divergent aspects
  • Direct access to guidance
  • Richer life experiences
  • Deeper understanding
  • More openness
  • New perceptions
  • Lasting change

What people are saying about the process:

The experience of meeting each of your Selves is fascinating, thrilling and enlightening all at the same time. Debra is wise and careful guide in the process as well as skilled interpreter in new knowledge and new communication avenues. If you’ve ever tried to reason out a thought or decision and found a swirl or unclear resolution, the lack of cooperation between your Selves is very likely a factor. When you meet your Selves your thoughts, behaviors and dreams take on a new clarity. When you meet your Selves you find extraordinary talent, insight and a rich understanding. Subconscious Self Integration provides a vast wealth of understanding and becomes and ongoing source of insight in your life.

~ Dave Moore, Interior Designer

Going through this process with Debra has changed the way I look at internal conflicts and issues. By giving me a language to use when communicating with various aspects of myself, the SSI work has instilled in me a greater level of confidence that I can work through any blocks I encounter on my path. Debra has a an empathetic and compassionate style that sticks with you even after the sessions are over.

~ Beth Bock, PhD Student in Public Affairs

How it works:

Sessions are by phone or Skype video. Evening and weekend appointments are available as well as regular business hours.  Once I receive your session request I will respond by email within 48 hours. Payment is by credit card at the end of the session or by PayPal in advance. Rates for SSI sessions are $150/hour. Sessions may last more than an hour as I work according to your needs and not according to the clock. A series of at least six sessions is recommended in order to access each of the six Selves. The SSI process also involves fun and engaging homework assignments, which I call “homeplay.”

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I look forward to working with you!

About Debra Greene, PhD.

Debra is a certified Personal Self Integration (PSI) Trainer through the Center for Human Potential. She trained with Harvey and Julie Grady, the developers of the PSI process and founders of the Center for Human Potential. Debra completed her own “meeting and befriending the Selves” process facilitated by Julie and Harvey and she continues to communicate with her Selves on a regular basis.

Debra is a frequently quoted expert in the field of energy medicine and mind-body integration. She combines the best of leading-edge approaches with modern science in her clinical practice, writings, lectures, and nationwide media appearances. She is the founder of Inner Clarity (IC), a consciousness based healing modality, and author of the acclaimed book, Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health. Having worked with thousands of clients and taught hundreds of workshops, she is known for her ability to get to the core of psycho-energetic imbalances and facilitate lasting improvement.

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