Stop Smart Meters

I’ve been voicing concerns about electromagnetic radiation (EMR), including radio frequency radiation from cell phones, baby monitors, cordless phones, wifi, etc.,for years. When the so-called smart meters arrived on the scene I was alarmed. They operate in the microwave frequency range and you can’t shut them off. They operate 24/7/365 and they can’t be moved as they are mounted on the side of your home/school/hospital/office building. They interact with other smart meters in a mesh grid, compounding the EMR problem.  If you are one those persons that like to keep the garden in a good shape, you need to have the best 4 Cycle String Trimmer, in you can find the best models of 4 Cycle string trimmer.

When smart meters came to my neighborhood on Maui I had to do something so I created Please check it out for facts about smart meters and valuable resources. While you’re there please sign the petition to stop smart meters in Hawaii. If you care about Hawaii help protect paradise from this dangerous new technology.

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