Experience Inner Clarity (IC)

Innovative approach.
Integrative process.
Incredible results.

The motto for Inner Clarity (IC) is:
The most amount of change in the least amount of time.
Clients are fond of saying it’s like feng shui for the mind;
or like defragmenting the internal hard drive of your mind.

IC is an integrative method that uses energy testing (a type of energy kinesiology) to access information from your body-mind system. Energy-based techniques are used to transform limitations on a variety of levels. It combines the art of energy testing with the science of subtle energies.

Remote energy testing is used as an efficient “issue-detector” to identify limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving your goals in life. It’s a powerful focusing tool that allows you to go behind-the-scenes to get to the root of the problem very quickly and easily. Clients are fond of saying one IC session is worth a year’s worth of conventional counseling!

An IC session reveals and transforms your limiting patterns on the vital/physical, emotional, and mental levels. The result is often fast, significant and permanent change. That’s why the IC motto is: the most amount of change in the least amount of time! 

This process is for you if you desire more:

  • Insight
  • Purpose
  • Clarity
  • Relaxation
  • Harmony
  • Creativity
  • Vitality
  • Joy
  • Freedom
  • Inspiration
  • Peace

IC is an awareness process that helps you improve your quality of life. A session can enhance learning and performance skills, correct electromagnetic distress, eliminate physical dysfunction due to energy blockages, facilitate emotional balance, and transform limiting beliefs systems that are outside of conscious awareness. Try it and enjoy more freedom and peace of mind.

For details about the IC process, read on:

A typical IC session includes the following:

  • An energy clearing to correct for
    • under- or over-energy
    • polarity switching
    • superficial weaknesses in the energy field
    • subtle dehydration
    • lack of presence in the moment
    • lack of centeredness
  • Goal-focusing (the process of clarifying intention)
  • Identification of limitations and blockages affecting:
    • the physical body
    • the vital body
    • the emotional body
    • the mental body
    • the universal body
    • the past
    • the present
    • the future
  • An individualized balance utilizing a variety of energy techniques
  • A transformation of energy blockages
  • An energy maintenance plan

A session begins with a clearing process that involves checking six parameters for potential imbalance. These include under- or over-energy, polarity switching, superficial weaknesses in the energy field, subtle dehydration, lack of presence, and lack of centeredness. Simple exercises are used to correct these imbalances.

Next a specific goal-focus is identified for the session based on your unique needs. Then begins an inquiry process guided by the energy testing. Any limitations that are blocking you from achieving your goal are identified. During a session it is common to access forgotten memories of pivotal events in your life. With the aid of energy testing relevant memories are surfaced, insight is gained, and any limitations are transformed through energy-based techniques. After the blockages have been brought into awareness, energy testing is used to determine which balance correction is best for you. My repertoire, or “menu,” consists of about 50 different balance options.

A question that’s usually asked now is, what is a typical balance like? That’s a hard question to answer because each balance is uniquely suited to the needs of the individual, and we are all different. But to help satisfy your curiosity I can say that a typical balance process may involve visualization, movement, sound, color, fragrant oils, acupressure, guided imagery, or a combination of such energy-based techniques depending on your unique needs. After the balance is facilitated all of the previously identified blockages are rechecked to confirm their release.

Through a process called “reprogramming,” the old, limiting beliefs are replaced with what you want instead. Since most of our self-sabotaging mechanisms were not intentionally chosen, in this part of the process you are able to consciously re-create yourself. You actually think differently and feel better right away.

After a session you can expect to feel uplifted, alert, energized, inspired, and dynamically peaceful. A typical IC session lasts about two hours. Each session is complete in itself, although a series of sessions is most beneficial.

For the theory behind the IC process, read on:

This approach works on the basis that our inner, subjective states determine our overall health and interactions. The outer physical body reflects our inner thoughts and emotions. When our four dimensional system (physical-emotional-mental-universal) is aligned and coherent we experience radiant health and are able to live our lives to the fullest.

When any aspect of our multi-dimensional system is out of balance the entire system is affected, and so is our quality of life in general. Often, despite efforts to the contrary, our bio-psycho-emotional aspects are not aligned. Thoughts and emotions can often become automatic, habitual and/or imported from others. They seem to take on lives of their own and we begin to feel powerless, out of control, isolated, or confused as to why situations do not turn out as we intended.

During an IC session negative programming, patterns of stuckness, distortions in the energy fields, emotional imprinting, out-dated decisions, self-defeating thoughts, and other imbalances are easily identified. By bringing blockages into conscious awareness–and by accessing and actualizing your innate intelligence and inner resources–balance is restored. Higher frequencies, once activated, powerfully transform the blockages and realign your physical, emotional, and mental vehicles. It’s like finding the tone that shatters the glass. Limiting beliefs are easily disintegrated making way for a new and improved you.

Expect single session success!

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